September 26, 2014 – Europe Day #8 Update

1. So far the people have been either super rude or super friendly. I haven’t met anyone who scores somewhere in between, but that’s OK. I will tell you though that from Northern Spain to Southern France, 9 out of 10 people (or may I say 49 out of 50 people? 9 out of 10 sounds like a major understatement) went out of their way to either strike up a conversation or to help us, and to me that means the world. The things we talked about taught me so much about their culture too! The greatest thing is, even though we were able to speak and understand enough Spanish and French to navigate through the countries and make ourselves understood somewhat, there were many times when we reached a language barrier, especially with some who couldn’t speak English… Yet they were patient with us and smiled the whole time! In the end we were always able to reach a common understanding. I love it!!!

2. Want to go somewhere, but don’t know exactly how to get there? Go anyway. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions on the way… And getting lost (IF you do) is part of the fun (in my opinion) because you’ll see and learn things you wouldn’t have otherwise! In addition to that, having to figure out how to get through a foreign country without Internet on the go helps you think critically.. You may surprise yourself!
P.S. Chances are you can get almost anywhere with public transportation and usually it’s rather easy and cheap! Usually

3. I walk as much as I did at QuikTrip every day or more… Just by living daily life here

4. They haven’t IDed us once here in Spain O___O Do we look old or is it not as heavily enforced?

5. You can go from one station where they speak Spanish to a station 3 minutes away where they speak French.. and so on *names every language in Europe* It’s like speed travelling to me since I’m not used to this. Jumping from world to world within hours or even minutes (not to mention the different regions of countries that can also be very different from each other). Very cool!!!


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