Revised Bucket List

Bucket List items crossed off recently:

– Drink a beer in Germany
– Drink a coffee in France
– Walk along the beach in Spain

Next few bucket list items to cross off:

– See the Berlin Wall
– Behold the great pyramids in Egypt
– Explore the Himalayas
– Lay eyes on the Alps/Visit Zurich, Switzerland!
– Visit the Jokhang (regarded as the most sacred temple in Tibet)
– Visit Scotland and Ireland (in general)
– Find that one blue police box in London
– Visit Hobbiton in New Zealand haha
– Behold the beauty of Bergen and Høyanger, and of the Nowegian fjords
– Bathe in the hot springs of Iceland
– Set foot on the black sand beaches of Tahiti
– Set foot on all 7 continents (5 more to go)
– Get my Master’s

Time to get to work


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