February 6, 2015 – Europe Day #154 Update

1. I still really like winter, even with the darkness, but speaking of which:

2. The darkness’ effects on the body are not fun and it takes a lot of mental conditioning to keep from crashing (i.e. “I know you feel like it will last forever, but it probably won’t. You just feel this way because your body is freaking out and on top of that you’re going through huge life changes.“)

3. Swedish culture is the coziest I’ve ever seen, “fika” and our “myskvällar” being at the top of my list! 🙂 Living here as a young adult isn’t as good as living here with kids, but that said, I do appreciate it and I can’t wait to share the coziness with kids one day

4. I think in Swedish half the time now, and usually count in Swedish. And oftentimes I mix the two languages during one thought process, haha!

5. I don’t know how I sound, but I know in my mind my English is now a mixture of American and British words and accents hahaha, interesting!

6. I had a dream I heard Americans and ran up to them and was so excited to talk to them in my “thick Southern accent,” haha.

7. The least positive thing: Friends of almost 10 disappear fast when you move to another country… I think that’s one thing that’s been keeping me under the weather lately, and realizing that, well, I live in another country and to me, keeping in touch is crucial because I’m still so attached to everyone and we had some really good times.. And let’s face it, 10 years is a big chunk of time for someone who is 24 years old.. But I thought to myself, “Would I still be so desperate to keep in touch with someone if THEY moved to another country?” Anyway, I think people expect me to just move on and start living another life separate from my past one, but the truth is that life doesn’t just “go on”; I can’t fill the spaces left by people who mean a lot to me. The same goes for when we left Sweden for the US, I still feel it sometimes. This time though it went much quicker (months vs years) for the most part, and it makes me wonder, and it does get lonely.. But, even if I wasn’t aware of the speed at which it’d happen, I choose to do this, so I’m going to make the best of it!

8. The best part though is realizing who your friends are, those who don’t care where you live (lol in contrast to a few people who blatantly said, “Well you’re going to Sweden, so bye” – I’m not kidding lol) and will love you through the good and the bad… Realizing this is upsetting and frustrating in the beginning, but I still think it’s worth it for everyone to find out who those people are and who aren’t.


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