Ask Me Questions About Anything

Hello readers! 🙂

As I continue this journey I just want to invite you to ask me any questions you may have regarding these different places and cultural differences, what it’s like living in/going to these places (footage included when possible) – Anything from landmarks to customs to traditions to psychology to stupid things (like “What do they put on their sandwiches”) to more controversial topics, or even something you just want to see or want me to find out (and I would show you or even make it a point to try to travel somewhere to get that footage).

I honestly must admit that I have only lived in Sweden and the USA and have traveled around Europe, but as a travel guide I will end up in a different country anywhere in the world every 6 months (and will travel as much as I can to other countries during my time off), so please feel free to ask me questions about any country! I want to learn as much as I can and if I cannot give you an answer straight up from experience, then I will find out through research or by physically going there.

I aim to make a Youtube channel and use videos as a tool for answering questions and showing you footage, but for now please ask anything you would like in the comments of any of my past or present posts! I can’t wait to see what you are curious about!


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