Europe Day #161 Update

I have lived here in Sweden for almost 6 months! I can’t believe it! I know that time tends to speed up as one gets older (or so I’ve been told on multiple occasions), but this is mental. I’m enjoying it every step of the way though, save for the darkness (which is finally disappearing little by little each day). Every single day I am still learning, learning, learning. The cultural differences are vast and nearly endless, but this knowledge is something I crave more and more; we were put on this Earth to learn, right? Or, even if we can’t really prove that to be true, we can at least pretend, right? To say that knowledge makes life more interesting and exciting is an understatement; Its benefits are much more far-reaching than that.

So let’s talk about today:

In order to start working as a travel guide I have to get my Swedish license, and what’s more is I have to get my license specifically for manual cars (in Sweden, if you get your license using an automatic car then that is all you are allowed to drive, unlike when you have an American license). I drove an automatic car in the US for 4 or 5 years, but I only sat in a manual car for 15 minutes total during that time. Today all of that changed, and to top it off it was my first time ever driving on Swedish roads. Oh, and to top that off, there was snow and ice everywhere! It was so fun though and it went surprisingly well! I told the instructor that my goal was to not stall once during our 45 minute drive and I managed to meet that goal, somehow. That was a relief as I only have a few weeks to master driving a manual enough to take the driving test and that does not include the ice obstacle course I have to complete before I can even do that. Phew!

I never, and I repeat, NEVER pat myself on the back, but I will today, because I am now one step closer to accepting a job straight out of my dreams involving one of the three things I am most passionate about – travel! And after I get my license and set off to another country I can continue toward my goal of making this blog truly diverse and colorful for you readers! My goal in life is to see everything there is to see and learn everything there is to know and then pass on that information to the masses in an effort to create more of a universal understanding of other cultures and peoples, or at the very least communicate a feeling that grows stronger and stronger every day – this world is immaculate, and it is massive. The world is in a sense a massive library full of books begging to be read, and the more we read the more we realize how little we actually know.


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