221B Baker Street

For all of you who do not already know, to say that I am a fan of BBC’s Sherlock series and of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work is an astronomical understatement. I fiddled around on Google maps today, long after reaching the peak of my admiration of all that is Sherlock Holmes, and found the filming site of BBC’s 221B Baker Street on Google maps (why did I not earlier?). Next time Sabrina and I make it to London, grabbing some food inside of Speedy’s and trying to even remotely fathom that we are actually on the same street we’ve repeatedly seen in the series is a must for us die-hard Sherlock fans… So excited I can’t stand it!

221B Baker Street
“Without doubt the most popular and recognizable of all locations associated with the series, North Gower Street doubles as the exterior of Baker Street. Flat 187 is the doorway in question, to the immediate left of the cafe.

During filming, the flat door is removed and replaced with the famous 221B, but the exterior of the cafe remains unchanged in the final series. Following completion of filming on Series two, the 221B door is now a permanent fixture outside, complete with the distinctive door knocker and letterbox.” *swoon*

This picture was taken from one of the tables outside of Speedy’s and even though it is far from related to this post, I felt that it was too good not to share:

For a complete list of all of the filming locations of BBC’s Sherlock, click here!


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