Where Will I Spend the Next 6 Months?

In April I will begin my new job as a travel guide and will be working in a new country every 6 or so months! Today the 2nd wave of emails revealing our “mystery destinations” were sent out – the countries we will spend the next 6 months of our lives in. I waited all day in anticipation of news, but have yet to find out what part of the world I will make my new home. We have all been in touch about it though and the destinations I have seen so far include areas of:

– Italy
– Greece
– Spain
– Turkey
– Cyprus
– Majorca
– Menorca
– Canary Islands
– Bulgaria


One of my future colleagues joked and said that they must be sending me somewhere truly exclusive considering that I have not heard anything yet (hahaha), but the truth is that I do not care where I go. I consider the opportunity to travel to another country a doorway to a previously inaccessible library of knowledge and I look forward to sharing everything I learn with you!

Here are some other places we could end up:

– Croatia
– Thailand
– Mexico
– Maldives


I’m sure there could be more, but those are the destinations I know of so far and it seems that so far no one has been assigned to the last four places. I will be checking my email again tomorrow and will keep you posted when I know where I will end up! 🙂

Bye for now!


10 thoughts on “Where Will I Spend the Next 6 Months?

    • Thanks so much, Phil, and thank you for reading! It means a lot to me! I definitely will; Canada is high up on my bucket list so I will be sure to make a visit there and of course I will reach out to you before I do so! That sounds so incredibly fun!

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