KFC Edible Chocolate Cookie Coffee Cup

Okay, I just have to post this because it is making me salivate. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, KFC will be serving coffee in a limited edition edible chocolate cookie cup (!!!) at select KFC restaurants in the UK. This cup will feature heat resistant white chocolate lining on the inside that melts as you drink your coffee, thus sweetening the coffee whilst softening up the cookie enough to make it melt in your mouth. So what about the outside of the cup? How is that edible? Introducing edible sugar paper! Okay. To be honest I can be somewhat of a health freak sometimes, but trust me, if there is an edible coffee cup out there (or anything else interesting for that matter), then I will find it. (They obviously knew I was planning to visit the UK sometime this year or next!)

Edible Coffee Cup

Read more here.


2 thoughts on “KFC Edible Chocolate Cookie Coffee Cup

    • Right?! It’s going to be incredible. Please note though that I could not find a picture of the future KFC edible chocolate cookie coffee cup and instead had to settle with the next best thing. Therefore, I haven’t a clue what it will look like other than the fact that the outside of the cup will surely bear the logo. Either way, I can’t wait! ❤

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