Synchronicity or Coincidence?

Do you believe in synchronicities or solely coincidence? Do you think that the universe tries to “throw us hints” or are all occurrences simply coincidences that sometimes have an impeccable way of leading us exactly where we need to be?

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As for synchronicities, how is this for one (is it synchronicity or mere coincidence?):

In early January I was scrolling through my news feed and I saw a post someone wrote on a “Swedes living in foreign countries” page I joined a long time ago. She mentioned that her daughter is looking for work abroad and wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions on where to look. I had just applied for the first (and only other) travel guide job that day, so I found it intriguing – what if any of the suggestions would prove helpful to me? Sure enough, in a comment someone said, “Yes, Fritidsresor is hiring travel guides to start this upcoming season and the application deadline is tomorrow.” So I applied that same night, moved on through 3 or so different elimination phases, went to a face-to-face interview in Stockholm and then got the job. I kept telling myself throughout the whole process that it’d be hilarious if I got it considering that the chances of that post popping up on my news feed at that precise moment and me deciding to look through the comments and then applying for a job that would have been gone had I seen the post 12 hours later… That’s pretty freaking phenomenal.


Then comes the second part:
The fact that I need a Swedish manual driving license for the job (something that takes weeks to months to acquire), and would need it before departure date (I wanted to get it done by mid March to leave a safety margin if I don’t pass the final test the first time, because many employees fly out beginning of April). I have been working hard on it, but all within the same day I found out that they misinformed me when they said I didn’t need a driving permit since I have an American license (and permits take a couple weeks to get and you can’t practice driving till then) and that I would need to take 10-15 more lessons than I expected (apparently getting your license is no joke here). All of this added almost an extra month to what I planned, thus making it nearly impossible to finish before mid April… I was so upset upon realizing this, because I thought if I couldn’t leave until the end of April it would cost me my dream job. Then, only an hour or so later, I received a CALL (not an email!) from my new team leader who I had never spoken to before, with news on which country I will be flying to, followed by the best news: I don’t fly out until the last week of April.

synchronicity 3I’m not sure if these occurrences are coincidences or synchronicities. I really don’t, but what I do know is that when it seems like the universe is desperately trying to push you in a certain direction despite whatever massive obstacles fall into my path, I don’t fight it. I run with it, and I can’t help but wonder if all of this is falling in place so that I meet someone I “need” to meet, see something I “need” to see, or learn something I “need” to learn… Things or people that will in some way, whether obviously or discretely, open a door that will continue me on a path suited for, or meant for, me.

Every little thing we do and every little thing we say opens an incredible number of doors that in turn, when passed through, open more doors. That reminds me of the whole “if we go back in time and step on a butterfly we could wipe out the entire Earth” thing.

Nevertheless, if you believe in synchronicities, then it is important to bear in mind that there is a difference between having to work harder and the universe simply saying no. If you are extremely diligent and doors still try to close no matter how hard you try, then there might be something even better waiting for you if you step outside of your comfort zone and set down another path. It might not make sense at first, but somewhere down the road you will look back and realize that, despite the initial disappointment and frustration, the new path may have been the best thing that could have ever come your way.

synchronicity 2

In 2013 I finally got into a nursing program after years of hard work. I continued to work hard, made good grades in the program, but at the last second a major obstacle came up and no matter how hard I tried I realized that it was not going to work. At the time I was not a novice when it came to overcoming obstacles; obstacles seemed to be a daily occurrence and overcoming them became a way of life. However, this was different. I was so upset as I had worked hard for years. I had stayed up all night a couple days a week for years to ensure I would get good enough grades to get into nursing school and even worked full-time much of the time to ensure that I could stay in the state and continue school (my family had left the state). I had also made incredible friends in the nursing program. Needless to say, deciding that I would no longer follow that path made me very upset, disappointed, frustrated, and hopeless for weeks. That’s when I finally allowed myself time to reflect over the past as well as my current situation. I began to pay attention to the recurring dreams I had had the last several years – dreams of traveling, dreams of experiencing, dreams of learning. I had felt isolated, but my desire to finish what I had started had blinded me, but suddenly everything became clear: It was time to step out of my comfort zone and face the unknown in order to build a better life more on par with my dreams. Now I live in Europe and with the little money I saved up the last few months on the job, I have traveled to places I have always dreamed of visiting and will soon start a travel guide job that will allow me to live and work in a new country every 6 months. The transition was exciting, but scary as I had to leave everything that could not fit into two suitcases behind, including my family and friends who occupy such a large portion of my heart. I will tell you though that it was worth it, because even though I have no idea which doors will open as a result, I am one big step closer to truly coming alive.

So my advice to you, dear reader, is this: Whether you believe in synchronicities or coincidences, do not worry. As long as you work as hard as you can and are kind to others, then you can trust that things will unfold to your benefit somewhere along the way, whether or not you realize it at first. If a door closes despite your tremendous effort, then do not fear the unknown and do not fear that which makes you uncomfortable or afraid. Embrace it and know that it is only then we can truly begin to develop as people and open doors that will allow us to truly come alive, and as they say, “the world needs people who have come alive.” 


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