TUI SuneoClub Entertainer Training in Belgium!

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I and several others from various countries in Europe (including Sweden, Denmark England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, and Poland) spent March 9-13 in training in Belgium to become SuneoClub Hosts/Entertainers, or as many of the team leaders referred to it as: Animateur(trice) (French – organizer; presenter). It was one of the most fun and enriching few days of my life! I want to extend an additional thank you to the team leaders and entertainment lead for putting forth such hard work to make the training session possible, and for teaching us so much. I feel like I was one person going in and then came out a profoundly changed person with a whole lot more knowledge, confidence to lead and stand on stage, and what feels like a 2nd family scattered all across Europe.

I went into the initial interview with Fritidsresor thinking that I would become a travel guide (one of my dream jobs), but then landed the one position I can think of that could top that, and I am incredibly thankful and excited!

Copyright Lara with TUI

So I know you’ve been dying to know what the job will entail! 😉

Nah, but I know I have, especially after I found out prior to training that it might have something to do with entertainment:

By day: Organizing and leading activities – anything from leading fitness workouts to water gymnastics to children’s activities to darts or volleyball.
By night: Performing (dance shows, live singing, comedy sketches) or hosting game shows or other activities including karaoke and kids disco, just to name a few.
– Some days we will help out in the cafeteria to ensure that all of the guests are enjoying their time in Ibiza!

stage2 stage

Somewhere around April 25th my team and I will be boarding a plane and flying straight into this new chapter of our lives. I am so excited to start working as well as learning everything there is to know about these various cultures and people! Every dream I have of flying over a lush island surrounded by azure water is made even better by the realization that a month and a half from now it will become reality rather than remain a collection of hazy memories.


See you there!
Bethany x


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