Pea Soup Thursday

Happy Thursday, you guys!

Today I thought I would share with you a Swedish tradition that I actually wasn’t aware of until today. Yeah! I moved back to Sweden in September, yet I am still learning every single day, and I know (and hope) that that will be the case for the rest of my life!

ärtsoppa och pankakor

Anyhow, when I was a child and lived in Sweden, my Swedish relatives often served pea soup (“ärtsoppa”) – one of the most delicious meals I have ever had in my life. I am still in love with it. Add a little bit of mustard in the middle of your soup-filled bowl, stir it around, and bam! DELICIOUSNESS. Different Swedish pea soup recipes can be found in the article I will link you to further down!

As if my taste buds weren’t already totally satisfied with that, pea soup is often served with a side of decadently crispy yet creamy Swedish pancakes and other times with “plättar” – small Swedish pancakes. Top them with sugar, homemade raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, or lingonberry preserves (or jam if you live in a country where jam is the norm, like in the US), fresh berries, or eat them like me – plain, because they are so delicious. Recipe here!


To read more about this savory Swedish tradition, hop on over to the article educated me on this interesting fact that I somehow missed out on!

An added bonus is the fact that (and I didn’t realize this until afterwards) it is an article from the newspaper “Nordstjernan” – a newspaper my Father (who is Swedish) and his Scandinavian friends back in the US often take part in. I read it and then saw pictures of his friends in the side bar and had an “aha!” moment! I wasn’t expecting The Consulate General of Sweden in New York to post a link to that article, but pea soup is a big deal (and the newspaper is a very interesting one – I highly recommend checking it out)!

Enjoy! And if you go grocery shopping today, do not forget that Friday nights in Sweden are taco nights… Always. Pea soup and pancakes on Thursdays and tacos on Fridays – Food bliss! Thank you, Sweden!


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