Happy Easter Y’all!

Hey y’all!

(I’m trying to keep my American accent going through the internet, because you see, today I read a sentence half-way in American English and the rest of the way in British English. Seriously.)


I woke up super refreshed, just loving life (even saw a video of my friend Chris consuming a ghost pepper – that was lovely), but then the grease I ingested last night punched me in the stomach with a fiery vengeance. Since then I have eaten nothing all while continuing studying for my Swedish license, but it’s been a good day. 🙂 It could definitely be worse! Now I’m munching on some Swedish “skorpor” – crispy pieces of… Bread? That sounded so fancy. Picture here – they’re actually quite good – little crispy flat-faced pieces of bread, lightly seasoned with cardamom and Swedes either spread butter or jam on top or dip them in their coffee or tea like biscottis. ❤


My Dad and his wife Mary flew to Sweden a couple days ago so I got to see them briefly yesterday as they swung by to pick up my brother and sister for Easter – more on that in a separate post. Before my siblings left my little sister Matilda wanted us to take pictures in our Sherlocked shirts (my Dad brought her one from the US – let me tell you, she’s obsessed with that show). So cute! ❤ But now they are gone and it is so quiet! Almost eerie…

Nonetheless I have had some quality time with my Mom and her husband now that the house is ruled by us adults (lol). 😉 I wish I could spend more time doing something other than studying though, but on Wednesday after 4 driving lessons and the written driving test I can take a breather! I can’t wait for the moment I press “submit” on that test and know that I did it. After that all that will remain is my driving test! *Will definitely celebrate later*

But I am almost done studying for the written test after a few weeks of doing almost nothing but sitting at this kitchen table with a pen, writing, writing, writing, and writing… So my brief celebration tonight when I am so tired that I cannot bear to even think about cars, let alone anything else, will be to watch the Doctor Who Easter Special… That is where I am at in the show and it’s Easter… Couldn’t be more perfect ❤

Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention that when I told my Dad “Happy Easter” today he reminded me that Swedes celebrate Easter the day before, on “Easter Eve,” just like they do Christmas. I lived here for years when I was younger and had no idea. I’m a really freaking bad Swede. Oops lol better luck next time. :’)

Hope all of you have/had a lovely Easter!

Bye for now,
Bethany x


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