1 Week Till Everything Changes

In exactly one week, two of my team members and I will be circling around lush green mountains and azure water, ready to land (the other two will be arriving the next day). For 6-7 months we will be in charge of entertaining the largest SuneoClub resort in the world – Sirenis Cala Llonga Resort!

Cala Llonga

During the day you will spot us by the pools or beach leading different activities (dance workouts, yoga, sports, and games) and at night we will supply the hotel guests with evening entertainment in the form of onstage dance shows, live singing, game shows and karaoke.

For years I dreamed of Europe, travel and new experiences. Back in September I finally left my old life in the States behind for Europe and am so thankful to call this my job roughly 6 months later. I have never done anything like this before, but have always loved singing and working with people so I am elated to be a part of this.

Stay tuned because I will definitely be sharing everything I learn about the island and its culture with you!


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