Recovery Process

Well I have been out of commission for approximately a week now! Rest, rest, rest, soft food or no food (haha), rest, rest, and finally yesterday and today – SOLID FOOD! Food has never tasted so good! 😀

Toward the end of the week I got a taste for what the absence of food can do to our bodies. To sum it up: I was afraid to eat toward the end, and that destroyed me even more. As a result I was so sick a couple days ago that I almost went to urgent care after going to the emergency room only a few days before that, but when I decided to brave the possible worsening of nausea that could result from eating something solid I found out that’s that’s exactly what I needed! A good ol’ Swedish sandwich with cheese and cucumber, followed by another one. Oh my body loved me, but even then that was a couple days ago and I am still recovering…

Lessons of the week:

1. Do not expect too much from yourself. Do not let yourself get exhausted to the point of sickness (this was not the result of contracting a virus; it was simply the result of wearing the body down to the point of sickness). Try not to take on too much and if you do, do not stress out if you cannot finish everything you set out to do if it will cost you your health!

2. Even if you feel sick as a dog for a couple days, do not be afraid to eat. Take baby steps, but if you can keep soft food down, slowly switch to solid food or you will experience the beginning stages of starvation mode, when you are hit with adrenaline rushes even when you think you are relaxed. That’s a sign that the body running out of energy and is activating the fight or flight mode, and that’s when things get really scary. I won’t elaborate too much on that, but be careful.

I am still recovering, but after feeling a little better and learning that all of my test results came back just fine, I am so happy! After one of the scariest experiences I feel like I have been given a second chance – a second chance to not tear down my body like that again.

Thank you to those who have checked on me and offered kind words, and to you who have shared funny videos in order to make me laugh. Love you guys! ❤

Bethany x


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