We Are Infinitely Lucky

I have been conducting a lot of research in the fields of astronomy and astrobiology lately and this is some information that stood out to me:

They have estimated that in about 500 million years, the species of our world will experience the beginning stages of its final extinction starting with plants (rising temperature = eventual decrease in atmospheric CO2 = no plants). In 2.8 billion years, even the most resistant microbes will die due to temperatures exceeding those required for DNA proteins to stay intact. And this is before the sun even begins to transition into a red giant.

What I’m trying to say here is that, while that is still a long way away, if humans still exist, then they will most likely be stricken with longing for a planet full of thriving life. Even if we do manage to inhabit another planet *fingers crossed* then imagine the grief they will experience as they watch the birth planet of all of these species and the home of our cultures die.

That’s depressing.. And I hope that one day everyone will join forces in trying to halt the environmental destruction and mass extinction that is currently in progress, but there is no telling.

Either way, this is my weird sciency way of saying: Don’t take anything for granted… Go outside… Marvel at nature… Learn from people… Take advantage of where we are and the fact that despite all odds, we somehow came into being, and take into concideration that someday, someone may have to leave this place and will envy everything we have now. This is a little more dramatic and scary than the simple idea of us dying one day, but it is also much greater. We are infinitely lucky, not only to be able to breathe, laugh, joke, cry, or feel, but to exist right here, right now, in a vibrant world suspended in an infinite vacuum full of space dust, asteroids, and super novas – a planet that may be thriving more now than it ever will again. If humans exist 2.8 billion years from now and possess the same emotions, compassion, and determination that we do, then I want to guess that they would give anything for a chance at being us – to bear our gift of choice and opportunity so that they would have a chance to enjoy what we take for granted every day.

Don’t live the end of your life wishing you had done things differently and that you had changed things while you could. The pencil is in your hand… Start writing! ❤


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