If Only Words Could do This Adventure Justice

Hello readers,

On April 25th I flew out to Ibiza to start a 6-7 month adventure as an entertainer at the Sirenis Cala Llonga Resort. Looking back I thoroughly wish that I would have recorded our adventure thus far on a day-to-day basis as I now struggle to find words that can properly summarize the last 5 weeks, but I will do my best because I never want to forget a single thing.

What I can do is summarize it in a manner that won’t take a million years to read, but will leave my 50 year old self full of laughter and longing… And about a million other powerful emotions that couldn’t in a million years be done justice by words or even the most vibrant of colors or the most captivating of songs.

Flying with two of my teammates from Heathrow and landing in a completely different world of mountains and azure water, surrounded by a dreamy haze that still has not lifted. Feeling excited, terrified, overjoyed, lost, but most of all tremendously alive. The terror and exhilaration that accompanies stepping outside of ones comfort zone. San Antonio and the gorgeous outdoor Shisha bar, the walks along the beach and the women who forcefully sold us 1 Euro bracelets for 10 Euros each (thanks again for that, Charley, haha!). The first and second day meetings around the pool of a hotel we were temporarily staying at, the nervousness and anticipation of meeting our new colleague who we had never met before (Silvan, who arrived a day later).


The team at the hotel we temporarily stayed at in San Antonio. (From left to right: Charley, Silvan, Justine, me, and Dorota)

Italian food, Italian food, Italian food, sangria, and the random addition of a Mexican meal in the middle of San Antonio, surrounded by palm trees (the joke of that weekend was how I took a picture of pretty much every palm tree I saw lol).

Then there was the anticipation that preceded our “party bus” ride from San Antonio to Cala Llonga – the place where we would spend the next 6-7 months. It was windy that day, but beautiful beyond words. The gigantic hotel was still empty, but now as I am writing this I hear a bar full of guests cheering on one of my colleagues as he hosts a Best Couples game show.


Cala Llonga

The dreamy haze kept following my everywhere – through our first trip to the beautiful towns of Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town, through my freak out moments whenever I would see a billboard with “David Guetta – every Thursday” on it (hahaha), through our meals out in Cala Llonga the first week of our stay (the hotel did not open until May 5)… And through the hotel balcony coffee and breakfasts at Frankie’s, through the sunsets and dance rehearsals and into the first few weeks on the job. All of it was new to me – leading activities, standing on stage in front of more people than I can count, and hosting mini discos and evening entertainment consisting of acting, singing, and dancing.

Out of all of the adrenaline rushes I have experienced thus far the most memorable was before and during the first dance show I and most of my colleagues have ever done in our lives – the premier of our Fever Music Awards dance show – one of the most nerve-wrecking, albeit phenomenal experiences of my life. I remember sitting on Charley’s balcony afterwards unable to say a word; all I could do was smile, let out a sigh of relief and gaze blissfully into the night.


First Fever Music Awards dance show – done! One of the most intense adrenaline rushes I have experienced in my life

And just like with any other job there were a few days that went less smoothly than others, but what sets my colleagues apart from many others I know is their immense determination, positivity and will to succeed. I feel very fortunate that out of all people in this world I was placed within a team of people who draw closer in the midst of challenges and genuinely care about and support one another.

Justine – our incredibly talented, ambitious and big-hearted team leader with an immeasurable love for curry ketchup. It’s only been 5 weeks and I love her to bits!!
Charley – Charley is just Charley… I don’t think I can describe his personality using any thousand words in the English language, but he is easily one of my favorite people on the planet (when he’s not busy telling me I have spinach stuck between my teeth, lol I kid).
Dorota aka “Dotty” – This feisty girl from Poland makes me laugh so hard I cry every single day. “We go?!” I freaking love her lol
Silvan – The tuna and Coca-Cola lover who would always scarf down two or three plates of food for dinner and say “Really?” 5000 times per day. Even though he left us I still catch myself saying it all the time. I still miss you so much!

Then there are the guests and the kids who do everything they can to push us in the pool and others who make me laugh so hard I cry, one example being the kid who found one of our hotel rooms today while we were on the balcony and told me how he has 1 Euro but that he can easily get more Euros if he sells these *pulls little laser pointer and key chain out of pocket*… And a little boy’s mom who found me and told me that her son was very unsure of himself for many years but after being around us he opened up and dared to do something she didn’t think he would do in a million years – dance up on stage with us… And the little boy who bravely stepped up on stage and sang A Thousand Years by Christina Perri and even though he was shaking he carried on until the end and I felt almost as proud of him at that moment as I would if he was my own child. I gave him a massive hug before he stepped off stage and asked the audience to give him a second round of applause, and a few days later he drew a picture highlighting different activities we did with him and I instantly teared up, and still do when I think about it…

It’s the little things… It’s always the little things


Me leading a game of French Boules on the beach with a fantastic group of guests


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