Ibiza Day 65

Dear readers,

I’ve been promising an update for ages now, but now that I sit down to write one I wonder exactly what to say. So much happens every day, but the experiences that pass each day with a blur are hard to sum up in words!

The ocean breeze and salty air, numerous cultures and languages, the kind and enthusiastic locals and close-knit relationships with colleagues… It’s more of a lifestyle than a job and it is hectic, but it is simultaneously so fulfilling!

I recently fulfilled my life-long dream of singing on stage as part of my job and the various dance performances and moderation in front of huge crowds have sent me a thousand miles outside of my comfort zone every single day. The past couple of years I feel like I changed and began to mold into a person I never thought I’d be, and the stepping outside of my comfort zone in so many areas has sent that change into overdrive! If I could give you any advice in the world I would say: Try to take a step, big or small, outside of your comfort zone every day. Nothing else does as excellent of a job of pushing one in the right direction as mustering the bravery to pursue the things we feel strongly but also terrified about.

Also, I recently met a guy who makes me feel so comfortable in my own skin and I adore him to bits – funny how that happens when you least expect it, right? When I talk to him I feel so alive and even feel like he brings out a better side of me… I’m not sure how he does it, but it’s amazing!

And then there are my colleagues who make me notice little things about myself and them and have proven how unique everyone on earth really is. The other day Charley said that he doesn’t think he’s ever laughed as hard as he has every day since we came out here and I agree.. Love it!

(This is semi-unrelated, but today on this last day of June we get to experience an extra second compared to usual – okay, just an extra second, but I find it fascinating! I read posts all over the Internet posing the question, “What will you do with your extra second,” and in remembering that question as I sat and read on the beach today I just smiled and thought to myself, “Totally spending that extra second smiling,” haha :))

Then there is also our favorite bar, Mayfair (don’t even get me started), the island of Formentera; the cities of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza Town, and various other small charming towns fashioned with cute white buildings as far as the eye can see, and the mountains and blue-green sea. I almost think I’ll have to dedicate a blog post to each of them.

Until next time! 😀


2 thoughts on “Ibiza Day 65

  1. I love Santa Eulalia! We went on holiday there for two weeks last year and return for another two weeks this Sunday. Hope to read about your thoughts on it soon!

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