The Greatest Blessing and Curse

Tianzi Mountains 2Do any of you struggle with wanting to do everything, see everything, and learn everything? While I feel that it is one of the greatest blessings, I also feel like it is one of the greatest curses in the world.

Today at lunch I spoke with one of my coworkers and decided to randomly voice my frustrations: “I wish we either did not require sleep or lived to be at least 200-300 years old so that we would have time to do and learn anything we could possibly dream of,” and to my surprise he understood exactly what I meant and said, “Yes, imagine if we had an extra 8 hours per day – that’s 1 hour spent learning how to play a musical instrument, another spent on learning a foreign language, and another 6 to do anything we please.”

So now, here I am on my day off this week with the desire to: Properly update this blog again, learn most Spanish, relearn all the French I once knew, finish my music covers, read the National Geographic magazine the same coworker bought today, read up more on science, astronomy and psychology, catch up on some series that I find thoroughly intriguing, make a video compilation, research on where is the best place to obtain an open water diving certification, and finish the Sherlock novel I have only gotten one third of the way through… I also want to climb the mountain by the hotel and gaze upon the world from hundreds of meters off of the ground, and head to the beach to see if I can spot any more jellyfish or random exotic wildlife I haven’t seen much of anywhere else…

I feel frustrated today; my typical drive and positivity have escaped for the time being, because for a split second I realized how little time we have when compared to all the things there are to do, see, and learn in this world. Why is that even an issue for me; why am I not more inclined to worry about more conventional and trivial day-to-day problems instead of more elaborate issues that most people don’t seem to concern themselves with much?

Time to pick and choose, I guess… 🙂

Until next time,
Bethany x


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