High Season Está Finito!

The days and nights have continued to fly on by and now high season (the busiest two months of the season) has ended. It is now less than two months until we leave this island, but not forever for I will forever leave a piece of my heart behind here. I consider this my third home and it is thanks to the kind-spirited locals, guests and employees, the waves that sing me to sleep every night like a lullaby, and the countless memories of everything from uncontrollable laughter with guests and employes at work to humongous nightclubs like Amnesia and Privilege to sunsets and pizza on the beach in San Antonio to riding bikes along the breathtaking coast of the island of Formentera. Then there are the harbors, the medieval castle and walls of Ibiza Town, the white flowy gowns and hippy flower crowns and beaded bracelets, and the gigantic hill opposite the hotel that offers the most spectacular views if you dare to scale its nearly vertical slopes. And then there is the sangria, paella and ice cream parlors, and the limoncello, oceanside Italian restaurants and the weekly hippy markets (and night time drum circle that I have yet to join in on). I hope to be able to sit down 2 months from now when the memories are still relatively fresh in my mind and recount them one by one; if I had the chance to jot down the story that is every day life in the Baelerics then I would, but our long work days do not permit it. Even then though I plan on trying to keep this blog a little more updated than I have between now and when I go home so that I don’t lose track of any memories or details.

Then there is a guy – someone I feel is the entire reason life brought me here and the reason I made the choices I’ve made my entire life. I think I owe that subject an entire blog post of its own, but until then, ciao ciao 🙂


Bethany x


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