Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town (“Eivissa”) – the beautiful capital of the enchanting island of Ibiza with its narrow cobblestone streets lined with white washed houses with colorful shutters, breathtaking harbor, and medieval castle and walls with multiple vantage points overlooking the azure-colored sea and red rooftops… The day I found out that I was going to be working in Ibiza I took to google in an attempt to learn more about the place I would soon call home, and the first thing that caught my attention was pictures of its capital city. I fell in love with it instantly and the day I finally got to step foot in the harbor I was nearly as excited as I was when I stepped foot in the town square of Munich, ready to start my European adventure after 10 years in the States.

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Today I got to go back to this town with its fresh fruit markets, Medieval towers and underground tunnels, seafood paella and sangria, and stands full of white knitted shirts and beaded jewelry. After a bit of a wander, my colleague Dorota and I headed up past one of the vantage points to one of my favorite cafe’s in the world – S’escalinata – a cafe with multiple terraces lined with multi-colored bean bags and fresh sandwiches and coffee to die for and last, but definitely not least, one of the best drinks I’ve ever tried in my life: fresh strawberry juice 😀 ❤


Today I sadly had to bid farewell to the cultural center of the island that I have loved from the very start as the six months in Ibiza have almost come to an end and it will soon be time for me to venture back to my winter wonderland. I wish I could put into words how much I wish I could take this little town with me along with its crumbling ocean-side platforms that I spent an afternoon jumping along in order to find the Medieval castle, and its exotic red flowers and tiny winding paths leading to mysterious places and secluded beaches… And oh how I wish I could bring along the adorable pastel-colored ice cream parlors and their mouth-watering flavors of ice cream, its nightlife and unique bars, and the kind-hearted Spanish locals. ❤


Until next time, Ibiza Town! x


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