There and Back Again

A Hobbit’s Tale by… Okay, people call me a Hobbit sometimes, but all of my shortness aside…

I have been meaning to update you all in ages! Here I am after settling back into what is now a very snowy Sweden after 6 incredible and sunny months in Ibiza. In fact, Luke and I just returned home from a walk through knee-deep snow (we decided to take a short cut to our destination that turned into…. Oh my god… My legs will never be the same) and my 6-month long stay in Ibiza feels like a distant memory, or even an entirely different life.

As soon as I set foot in the airport in Ibiza I entered the haze I would remain in for the next few weeks. As soon as I walked through the door I caught sight of a familiar face – one of the reps I had worked alongside with – who was in the middle of an airport shift. He often mentioned those shifts and suddenly I was there, just another customer myself, but with a familiar face… What a mixture of feelings I experienced. Months of sleep deprivation led me to the brink of exhaustion long before that moment, but new experiences and invaluable memories pulled at me like a magnet trying to keep me right there.

Ibiza 2

I do not remember passing through security nor do I remember boarding the plane, but right before we passed through the clouds I woke up out my trance to a sight I dreamed of witnessing long before leaving for the Balearics – lush green hills, rocky cliffs and clear, azure water… As soon as the island disappeared from my view I fell into a slumber so deep that I failed to feel the tires’ jerky impact against the ground… And then it was like I woke up out of a dream. Suddenly I was in Barcelona – so far from where I was, yet still so far from my final destination. I was ecstatic, but then it’s me we are talking about here – the girl who gets excited as soon as she heads out the door.

I’m fortunate enough to conclude that listening and speaking to locals and hotel staff for 6 months improved my Spanish, for suddenly I found myself ordering coffee and having a conversation with a barista, but then as soon as I was about to board the plane to Sweden and found myself surrounded by Swedish speakers, I automatically began to think in Swedish again for the first time in months. Languages constantly swirling around in my head… And I can’t say that a thing has changed since. ❤

As soon as we passed over widespread lakes and vivid green pine trees I felt I was home… Well, for the most part. What a peculiar feeling it is to feel at home in many places, like you have left a little fragment of your heart and soul in many places, scattered throughout the world in the hands of people you have met – people who have moved you, inspired you, or made you laugh – and buried on sandy beaches, snow-covered mountains and at the top of skyscrapers overlooking massive cities that never sleep.


As I stepped foot on the train that would carry me along the East coast of Sweden, overlooking its colorful buildings and the Baltic Sea I felt wanderlust and love for the world and the things I have not yet discovered come flooding back, as if I dove into a welcoming ocean of motivation. This is who I will always be… Forever stepping into the unknown and never stopping, leaving a fragment of my being on every plane, every train, and every bridge I cross. 🙂

Thank you for being patient with me and I promise to keep you updated more often now that everything is in order. So much has happened since then and I will surely write all about it as soon as I get the chance! I hope all of you had a phenomenal Christmas and New Year’s and that this new year follows suit!

Bethany x


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