School is important to me. In fact, other than travelling and spending time with loved ones, education is the most important thing to me. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge; thus, I would not mind being a student a whole life, but then I remembered that life is a school in of itself and we never stop learning. Either way though, I made the decision of quitting a job that allowed me to move to a new place every 6 months in order to finish my degree. Sometimes I still question whether or not I really had my priorities straight considering my passion for travel, but then the words my boyfriend said a year ago flood my mind (words he said to help me find what should be my priority): “Would you stay with me if it meant you could not keep your job?” “Yes, I would.” “Would you stay with me if it meant that you could not complete your degree?” “No.”

Suddenly, e14021701_10209318614456381_6883339336657601462_nverything became clear. Since then though, I felt afraid whenever my mind referred back to the conversation as I had my mind set on gaining acceptance into a Swedish university and completing my degree there. My boyfriend moved to Sweden in November and despite the many wonderful and beautiful memories that resulted from our time together there (love love love), it was difficult as in order for him to receive any help in finding a job or learning the language, we would have had to show that we had lived together in another country before his move there. Unfortunately, we could not fulfil such a request and I was left feeling helpless, unsure of how to proceed and how to help, and I began to question if we would really be able to keep the relationship going while I complete my degree. He told me that if school in Sweden was the only option, then we would find a way, and even though I found joy in the idea of him standing in the middle of the fire with me and not shrinking back, I still found myself unable to shake off the fear that gnawed at my bones. I then thought that maybe, just maybe, there was another option…

I then set off on a journey of emailing universities across England, explaining why I should be considered an EU student despite not living in Sweden for the past 3 years, and checking if both I and the programs themselves would qualify for Swedish financial aid (and hoping to God I filled out the complicated form correctly). That was only the beginning though as every week an obstacle popped up and unveiled a situation where everything depended on said mountain being abolished. Each time though, my boyfriend said, “Don’t worry, everything works out in its own way,” and every time I thought that that might be it, the universe proved me wrong as if it was telling me, “This way – I’m not stopping you anymore.”

The long nervous wait to find out if I would receive financial aid from Sweden has ended and I am so happy and excited to say that on September 26th I start the Biochemistry program at University of Bedfordshire outside of London! In less than three years I will finally hold my Bachelor’s degree in hand and it will be the end of a long fight and one of the happiest days of my life.. And my only hope is that my boyfriend, friends and family will be there to celebrate with me.  ❤ Thank you so very much for all of your support, everybody – it means everything!



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