Long-Overdue Update

Hello everyone!

Wow, it has been over a year and a half since my last post! I will honestly say that that comes as as much of a shock to me as the fact that I am nearly done with my second year of my Bachelor’s degree here in England. I have filled my life to the brim with different obligations including working as a shift supervisor at my local Starbucks, acting as a course representative for nearly two years and a PAL leader (assisting first year students with their studies) for one. I can happily say that even though my silence and dedication to my studies have lead to burn out on a couple of occasions (now being another one of those periods), I finished last year with straight As and have continued the trend this year, so far. Exams are around the corner though and I feel far from prepared, but fingers crossed that all of this pays off.

Remember Luke? The guy I met in Ibiza nearly 3 years ago? I am writing this blog post from our first flat together (I said “flat,” what’s happening?! I also say “crisps” instead of chips now – BAD Bethany). One year ago to the day we also stood at the airport and I revealed to him that we were about to board a plane to Rome. Six months later we also flew out to Zakynthos, Greece to visit some old entertainer coworkers of mine, so I undoubtedly have more (pictures, videos, hilarious and unfortunate stories) to share. I also have much more to tell about my experience of settling into another country (some things positive and some less glamorous), but first it is time to get these two last pieces of course work and my annual exams out of the way! *deep breath*

I hope that wherever you are, this post finds you in a place of happiness and if not, then I am sending all of the positive vibes I can muster! You can do this! 🙂



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