I am an American who dreams of seeing everything there is to see and learning everything there is to know and then passing on that knowledge and mixture of perspectives to the general public. This blog highlights much of that and I hope that one day the knowledge and understanding that we acquire will rid this world of hostility and discrimination and instead fill everyone’s hearts with compassion and utter fascination! 🙂 Culture and language intrigue me, as do biology, astronomy, quantum physics, psychology, and technology. In addition to those topics, I am heavily influenced by the wondrous and intelligent work that is Lord of the Rings and Sherlock (BBC’s version and the literature).

In September, 2014 I decided to follow my dreams of travelling and learning and moved back to the country I lived in 10 years before – Sweden. In April I start work as a travel guide and will be living in a new country every 6 months, starting with Ibiza, Spain! Follow me on my journey!

tumblr_m2zjb16ICA1r0ikiqo1_500If you have any questions regarding countries, cultural differences, customs, famous tourist sites, or even questions like, “What do they put on their sandwiches?” then please do not hesitate to contact me or ask in a comment and I will cover it in a blog post, or even make it a point to try to travel somewhere to obtain that information or footage!

Bethany x


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